Safe investments with high returns in India 15%-28%! (2020)(RBI Monitored)

Have you been looking for Safe investments options with high returns in India? Do you need options to secure your future? Are you looking for new asset classes? We will try to help you with some safe options in India. Here are some options which could explore.

1)Bank Fixed Deposit (FD) (3%-8%)

Firstly Bank Fixed Deposits have been one of the safes and traditional investment options in India. The RBI governs everything for Banks. Also, the Bank defaulting instances in India have been minimal. Fixed deposits offer a higher return rate as compared to Savings accounts. There are higher interest rates for senior citizens. The rate of Interest variable with respect to your investment duration, amount, your citizenship status(NRI or Not). If you withdraw money before the finishing tenure, the bank may levy penalty charges with respect to your plans you opt for. There are many other Financial institutes offering Fixed Deposits other than banks too. Post offices, small financial institutes, etc also offer Fixed deposit schemes.

  • Returns on Investment(Annually): 3% to 8%.
  • Lock-In Duration: 0-5 years
  • Risk Measures: Safe
  • RBI Governance: Yes
  • Average Best Rate of Interest: 6.5%
  • Safety Measures: RBI assures a sum of 5 Lakh for your Principal and interest.

2)Peer to Peer Lending Under RBI (P2P Lending) (15%-28%)

Safe investments with high returns in India:

Secondly, this is a new asset class introduced and authorised by RBI. In this you have the opportunity to lend your money all over India and be a Bank yourself. You have the authority to choose your borrowers, choose your amount and lend money to needful borrowers. This gives you the opportunity to be a Bank yourself.

The best way is to allocate minimum amounts to many buyers. This helps in mitigating your risks completely. You have the opportunity to choose your buyers with respect to their Credit Score. You can choose to lend as little as 1000/- INR to a borrower. This helps you to minimise your risk completely. You can allocate higher amounts to borrowers with high credit ratings. One has the choice to understand the details of the borrower completely. You will have his Credit History, Assets Own, Family and Personal details.

Subsequently, everyone has the facility to Invest small amounts to start with and start receiving money in the form of EMI right from the second month you invest. It gives you immense control to choose your borrowers at will. The best strategy would be to allocate 20% of your investment amounts to this asset class regularly. You can also, choose to allocate your returns each month which can bulk up your annual Return on Investment. Further, you can learn more about this in Alternative Investment Ideas.

  • Return On Investment(Annually): 15%-28%
  • Lock-In Duration: 8 months – 5 years
  • Risk Measures: Safe
  • RBI Governance: Yes
  • Average Best Rate Of Interest: 18%
  • Safety Measures: Monthly RBI reporting, Dedicated Recovery Teams.

This may seem to be a new and interesting safe asset investment class. You are free to learn more about it. Share your Contact Details here:

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3) Public Provident Fund (PPF)(8% average)

PPF is another one of the safest asset class backed by the Government. The lock-in duration is more up to 15 years for this class. Usually, it is offered by all organisation for their employees. Similarly, this acts as a shield for all employees after their working tenure. Likewise, the return of investment on PPF is also like FD’s higher than saving accounts. Usually, a small account is saved recurringly each month to the account. A part is shared from your salary and a part is shared from your employer too. The interest rate on PPF is reviewed by the government every quarter.

  • Return Of Investment(Annually):8%
  • Risk Measures: Safe
  • RBI Governance: Yes
  • Average Best Rate of Interest:8%
  • Safety Measures:

3)GOLD in the form of Physical and ETF’s. (0%-3%)

Thirdly, when everything goes for a toss Gold is the safest heaven of investment. Gold has been the oldest form of investment from years. You should have 10%-20% of Gold in your investment portfolio too. This is a suggestion we give to all our investors. Even during torrid times, this asset acts as a safe investment option for you.

On the other hand, Banks also offer you GOLD options now. You have the option to buy physical verified Gold from them or buy Paper gold in the form of ETF’s. All major banks lately give you the option to buy GOLD. There are a number of ways you can buy Gold, you can even buy Jewellery which acts as an asset as well a usable property for you and your family.

  • Return Of Investment: 5% to 8%
  • Lock-In Duration: No Lock-In for Physical Gold. Paper Gold depending on Scheme.
  • Risk Measures: Safe
  • Safety Measures: High as it is a Global Safe Heaven for Investment.

4)Real Estate (Indefinable)

Real Estate is another traditional form of Safe investment option for India. The house that you live in or the shop you own can also act as another safe investment option for you. Also, a piece of Land(Industrial, Agriculture, residential) can be a safe asset for you.

The house that you live in is for self-consumption and should never be considered as an investment. If you do not intend to live in it, the second property you buy can be your investment.

The location of the property is the single most important factor that will determine the value of your property and also the rental that it can earn. Investments in real estate deliver returns in two ways – capital appreciation and rentals. However, unlike other asset classes, real estate is difficult to be liquified. For you get the cash immediate could be a big challenge. Also, you need to be following the regulatory rules by the governing bodies for your location. RERA has been formed for this purpose completely. Having your legalities with respect to the rules and regulations are to be followed strictly.

  • Return Of Investment : It usually depends on a lot of factors. You can read more about Real Estate.
  • Risk Measures: Safe
  • Governance: Local Governing Bodies( Municipal, Gram Panchayat, etc)
  • Various types of Real Estate can be Owned: House, Land, Commercial.
  • Safety Measures: Controllable if invested with right rules and regulations


Above all, Warren Buffet says” Never have all your Eggs in One Basket. One should follow this investment philosophy religiously. We suggest in our investment guides to follow this philosophy in all ways. Also, you can diversify your safety investments in the above assets. We suggest if you plan to keep 30% of your investment in the safe classes. Importantly, we recommend on average of 10-15% for various safety assets. Safe investments with high returns in India need to be planned carefully considering your personal scenarios. You can always book a free consultation call with us for your recommendations depending on your current situations and risk appetite.