Alternative investments ideas to grow your money safely in India! (15-28% Returns )(RBI Monitored)

Have you been looking for alternative investments ideas to grow your money and get returns Safely, securely and earn an awesome passive income of your hard earned savings?

Investing has always been a big question for each one of us. There are a number of asset classes one can invest in. There are Real Estate, Capital Markets(Stocks, mutual funds, etc related), Bank Fixed deposits, there are bullion assets as well. Also, you can invest in Businesses.

Now let me introduce you a new alternative investments idea a new asset Class, the Peer to Peer Lending class. It could sound a very risky asset when we start the discussion. I will try to describe the details of our personal experience. Discussing using a number of factors, Returns on Investment, Safety Measures, Risk mitigation, governance, and a number of other factors.

Being an online platform, Peer to Peer Lenders generally operate with lower overhead costs
and margins as compared to traditional financial institutions or banks, the only need is the online infrastructure and the back end team. As a result, borrowers can borrow money at lower interest rates and lenders can earn higher returns. The idea of This alternative investments has been growing globally.


  • Savings Accounts give you anywhere between 3-6% ROI.
  • PPFs, NSC around 7.8-9%.
  • Fixed Deposits 7-9%
  • Capital Markets and Mutual Funds completely depends on your study and efforts.
  • Real Estate again is on your Study and efforts.

So here we introduce the new Asset Class “Lending Class” become a bank yourself. Lend money as per your convenience. Return on Investment safely from 18-28% by following simple strategies. These are not numbers to lure you, but a very comfortable way to achieve if we act smart and take immediate action safely. Why do we say this? Here is the reason. The Reserve Bank of India (as on 4th October 2017) has decided to regulate the
Peer to Peer Lending industry and created a new class of NBFC (NBFC-P2P), thereby
providing more credibility to P2P Lending as an investment option.

EARN LIKE A BANK, HAVE A LOOK AT THIS Image, this is a real time example where NAR is (NET ANNUAL RETURN).

alternative investments, investment ideas

The above is a sample of 10 lakh invested smartly along with the NAR(Net Annual Return) which is approximately 25.29% in this case. This is set up awesomely, even with the simplest and safest investment one can easily earn 15%.

DIVERSIFYING TO minimise your Risks, check out this video.

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Various Categories of Investments.

There are various categories which are available for investors. To make things easier the company has categorised the borrowers using various data points and risk appetite of the investors. They have three main categories available, Conservative, Balanced and Aggressive investors.

Investment Idea for you as a Lender:

  • Return on Investment 18-28%
  • Largest Choice of Returns to Invest in.
  • Complete Risk Mitigation
  • Month on Month Returns
  • Secure & Smooth financial transactions via an Escrow account under the trusteeship of IDBI.
  • Monthly RBI audited reporting. (Is monitored by RBI continually)
  • Best Data Reporting and Analytics for Optimal Returns.

The Lending business has been going on from years. We are very well acquainted with it. It’s simple and straight forward. In this asset, you get the opportunity to Lend and grow your money with minimal risk. Yes, MINIMAL RISK. As we all are aware of our old mindsets and conditioning. We will try to explain to you the whole idea with an example to make it easy.

Here are the Best Ways to Optimise your Returns using Technology:

  • Invest Small amount across borrowers. If you have 1lakh INR to Invest. Invest it minimum to 70-borrowers. Keep a ratio of 70% for 100% amount. You can surely also increase depending on the risk categories.
  • Invest smartly across various risk categories.
  • Mitigate your risk by building a diversified portfolio. Spread across your investments by looking into credit scores, risk buckets, age groups, loan categories, locations, genders, etc. (lots of options)
  • Ideally depending on the availability of Risk categories, here is a live example of investing 1 lakh with the Auto Invest Feature. It would give you a fair idea of how you spread across your risk. Have a look at these settings below, which can give you from 26-28% Returns.

The best way is to use a simple formula. If you have 1lakh INR you have to make sure to spread it across to 70-80 people. In this way, your risk gets completely factored. I and my family, teammates and friends have easily invested up to 2lakh using the auto invest feature and happily earning Month on Month returns. A personal tip is don’t give more than 2000/- INR to a single person up to Medium risk category people and not lend more than 1000/- INR to the highest risk category person.



REPUTITION FACTORS, great investors, RBI approved etc.

NRI Section (Non Residential India Information):

This investment option is accessible to all NRI’s. The only criteria are they need to have a Pan Card and ideally an Indian Bank Account with Online Banking to make it easy for transactions.

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Conclusion: Alternative Investments

We suggest you to safely start with as much amount you want, just make sure you don’t allocate your amount to anyone more than 2000/-. The rest of the system will take care of itself. Also, a very special mention, you get dedicated “account managers” to help you understand the system in dept. For each step right from signing up to allocation money, minimising your risk, and also if you re-invest your account manager can help you completely. You can just fill the form below and the team will get in touch with you to help you further. Thank you so much for taking time out and going through this article. Feedbacks are appreciated! Hopefully, you have a gist of the idea of these alternative investments from the details above. Just fill the form below and we can help you with the information further.